Enjoying Family Dinnertime…

It’s dinnertime. Yum! Hooray!

But let’s be honest…if you have a *real messy* family like mine, dinnertime can be a ‘just-get-it-done-and-check-the-box’ job. And why wouldn’t it? Food prep while crowd-controlling hangry siblings and my own end-the-of-day-fizzle-out happen simultaneously while trying to get food on the table with everyone at it. It’s. A. Lot. Can I get an ‘Amen’??!

I want dinnertime, especially right now, to feel different. More closeness, less anxiety. Many of us are going to have more opportunities to eat family meals together in these next weeks- can we find ways to savor these gatherings? To feel close to God in these times spent together?

My family has gotten hooked on conversation starters after praying. I added a few to try from createcraftlove.com (visit the site to find more!) that we really enjoy. We also like family storytelling while we eat. One person starts the story and passes it on to the next person by saying ‘and then…’ Even my preschooler loves to join in- it makes for hilarious plot lines! Our family’s version of the ‘Moment of Gratitude’ from Messy Worship is another crowd-pleaser.

Don’t get me wrong- it’s still messy at our dinner table! But the fun and looseness in this type of messiness helps us feel connected to each other and God.

Okay! Let’s lean on each other! Please share your own dinnertime prayers and fun conversation ideas so other families can use them too!

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