Get Outside!

Thank God for days like today! (Especially when snow is in the upcoming forecast- erk!) Getting outside is great for all ages and a healthy way to socially distance without feeling so isolated. At my house (note- I have 3 awesome & energetic boys- 5, 8, & 10!) it can take some cajoling to get everyone out the door (yes, you still need to wear a jacket!), but once we’re outside it’s like a reset button. I love how well designed this ‘system’ is- outdoors + movement = reset, way to go God!

Looking for a chance to connect your kid(s) to God and the outdoors? Just shout it! THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS DAY! THANK YOU GOD FOR MESSY MUD! THANK YOU GOD FOR SUN ON MY FACE! With the heaviness of our dramatically shifted lives, it’s even more important to find moments to be thankful whenever possible. Calms the soul and brings us back to the moment we are in.
And, yes, it’s a winter scavenger hunt! <Eye roll> Keeping it real, Minnesotans!

Okay! Time to share! What outdoor activities are you up to?

One thought on “Get Outside!

  1. Our ‘Next Door’ request was asking neighbors to put a shamrock on the window facing the street so as children are going on a walk, shamrocks can be counted as a game. One more special thing to do at we enjoy the God created great outdoors. 😀


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