And then the rain (snow) came…

In preparation for when your prayers include colorful expletives and your patience hits the tipping point…let’s get our ‘inside day activities’ prep on!

Got any indoor activity ‘winners’ to share? Please include them in our comments!

Totally trying this at my house today! Click on the link to get fitness challenge ideas for every color card!
The ‘additional Uno Fitness Exercises’ appear in a google doc with printable Uno cards!
All you need is a piece of paper (or a few, if they get into it- employ the recycling bin!) It’s a magic trick and origami paper folding combined!
This was an activity we used in The Message to talk about Jesus’ Baptism- the kids were facinated!


An Alphabet Hunt – Create ‘flashcards’ and hide them around the house. (26 letters = tons of searching!) Add on ideas…create 2 sets of flashcards and spread one alphabet on the floor for your kid to match their ‘found letter’ on.

idea adapted from:
The living room has never been so dangerous! Use pillows, place mats, paper…
If any of this sounds physically impossible- just channel your inner animal and get moving!
Get those preschool wiggles channeled into a game!!


Freeze water in a tupperware overnight! This idea is recommended by one our awesome WECC Teachers!
If you have tape to share, give your toddler a fine motor challenge!

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