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While we have to be physically distant, we don’t have to be socially distant! For kid’s, especially middle and high school kids, friends are their lifeline (also, extroverts like me!). What’s getting me through these days is checking in with my family and friends and I wanted to pass along a fun way to do just that! Its an app called Marco Polo, you can record video messages back and forth. It serves a bit like FaceTime but you don’t have to be available when a message comes through, it saves them until you’re ready to view it!

I’ve been using it with Westwood teenagers this week, and man, is it a lifesaver! It’s better than texting because I can hear the emotions and see their faces. I have a friend who has been using it with her middle schooler to talk about silly but also big, deep stuff this week, while they work in separate rooms!

As people of faith we are called into relationship, to help each other see and know that we matter, that our stories and our stuff matters. When the world feels big and difficult, we’ve gotta lean on one another in relationship. Let’s find fun ways to lean into those relationships while we are physically apart so that we can strengthen our connection to one another and grow.

Marco … Polo!

If you download it and use it, drop a line in the comments and tell us your favorite part about it, we’d love to know the fun ways you’re connecting with each other!

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