At-Home Messy Worship for Families!

For all our Westwood families, it’s time to get back to worship! Try our new ‘At Home Messy Worship’ when you have time this week!

At-Home Messy Worship is geared towards families with preschool and/or elementary kids. It includes rituals, moments of gratitude, a Doobie Brother opening song dance-off (don’t knock it ’til you try it!), confession and forgiveness, prayer, and a scripture verse that leads to a pretty cool science experiment activity.

Have fun with this new form of Messy Worship- wear your pj’s, take time with each ritual and activity, and let different family members lead. There’s no pressure- you can add, omit, & adjust worship to fit your family’s needs. Ask questions, share responses, & listen to each other- worship is a team sport!

Download the worship service at the top of this post- and please let me know if you have any questions or inspiring feedback! Happy Home Worship to you! Jen (

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