At-Home Messy Worship: Super- Power of Faith!

While we might wish for superpowers like the power of flight, super strength, or invisibility, the real superhero power we have been given is the ‘power of faith’. We see and live life differently! In this week’s worship, we explore the superpower of faith together as a family. Superhero costume dress-up is *super* recommended!

Get *super* messy worshiping at home as a family this week! Wear your pj’s, have different family members lead, & include a dance party- worship is a team sport!! There’s no pressure- you can add, omit, & adjust worship to fit your family’s needs. Life is Messy- God is in the Mess!

Download the worship service and included activities at the top of this post- please let me know if you have any questions or inspiring feedback! Happy Home Worship to you! Jen (

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