You’re doing a freaking great job!

So… distance learning has started up for many of you, whether you’re teaching from a distance, or your kids are learning from a distance I just wanted to remind you that this is all new.

All of it!

And I want to remind you how much you’ve adapted over the past few weeks.

Also though, I want to remind you that you are doing a freaking great job!

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It might not feel or look like it to you, but I see you!
I see your creativity to be able to work while kids are home,
I see your creativity in the 7,000 meals you’re preparing each week,
I see the ways you’re connecting with your kids and your community, your family and your neighbors.
I see you, and I see that you are rocking this!

You don’t have to be perfect, or the best, you just need to be you! And guess what, you’re doing that, and you’re great at it! You’re better than anyone else is at being YOU!

Don’t forget to give yourself grace. Don’t forget to take a little break from the chaos behind a closed door.
Your church family is so proud of all the shifting and adapting you’re doing to keep your neighbors and your community safe by staying safe at home.

You, yes YOU are doing a freaking great job!

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