Healing Our City- A Virtual Prayer Tent for Minneapolis

If you’re searching, here is a place. If you’re needing a re-start, here is a place. If you’re hurting, here is a place.


Racial equity and anti-racism is a commitment that requires constant re-commitment. Westwood is a community that supports the journey.

The city of Minneapolis is going through a very challenging time. Some are grieving, some are hoping, and many are fearful and anxious about what is to come as the trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer charged in the killing of George Floyd, concludes. We believe that there is One who is present and active even and especially in times of disorder and loss. We have all been involuntarily called to witness the injustices of the system of racial inequity and oppression. Now we are called to voluntarily be in prayer and action for the healing of our city.

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