Anti-Racism Parenting Resources

Anti-Racism work is never done.

This work matters! Westwood support’s your personal anti-racism education as well as your family’s commitment to anti-racism and equity.

Anti-Racism Parenting Resource Posts

Kids TV Shows: Celebrating Anti-Racism and Diversity

Pastor Miriam shared a new Anti-Racism parenting resource with us! It’s from USA Today, ‘Everything starts at home’: Kids’ TV shows that teach anti-racism, celebrate diversity There are so many influences in our kids lives without even leaving the house! The books they read, songs they hear, the shows they watch, etc. – it … Continue reading Kids TV Shows: Celebrating Anti-Racism and Diversity

More Anti-Racism Resources

Who am I? Deepening Our Conversations About Race. Friends, our world is reminding us, yet again, that we have work to do and that it’s everyone’s work to do. It isn’t a box we get to check. Our work continues and is imperative as we begin to understand systemic racism more fully. As Westwood Staff, … Continue reading More Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racism Parenting Resources

During this past Lent, we looked more closely at our own racial identity, how racism has shaped our lives, and developed anti-racism skills with the theme, ‘Who am I? Deepening our Conversation About Race’.  Anti-racism work is never done. This post includes the parent resources that were provided during Lent to support our work in … Continue reading Anti-Racism Parenting Resources

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