Family Event: Spread the Love

One of the most uplifting parts of the last few weeks is seeing the love spread throughout our communities, shown in hearts in the windows, signs on the lawns, and distance birthday parades. I have a friend from college who is a talented chalk artist and she has been taking her talent from her own stoop to our community. I love the idea of spreading this love beyond our own front stoops and doors (safely of course!). This weekend for some family fun, here are a few ways to spread love (while keeping your germs to yourself!)

Chalk Someone’s Stoop

Do you have a family member you miss, or a community leader you want to thank, take a trip to their house and leave a message for them in chalk! Maybe there is a neighbor in your community you know lives alone and you want to leave them some hope! Don your masks, pile in the car or walk down the block, and spread some chalky cheer! Text them or call them when you are finished so they can come wave out the front door, or leave it as a surprise for them to find later!

Homemade Yard Signs

Do you have a paint stick, a wooden kebab skewer, or an unused ruler? That is all you need to bring a yard sign to a friend! (besides art work and tape of course!) Make some encouraging signs and leave them in someone’s yard that you think could benefit! Bring them to your essential worker friends and family members and write on them “An essential hero lives here!” or just include encouraging messages and leave them for strangers. How cool would it be to open your door to a sign that said “You matter!”

courtesy of Lowes

Thank You or I Love You Parade

With the physical space between us, the list of people we miss is much too long. Take a “Thank you!” or “I miss you!” or “I love you!” tour of those people! Decorate your car like you are in a parade and take a trip to drive by those loved ones’ homes! Text them when you are on your way or honk really loud and surprise them 🙂

Spreading this love in your own yard is also special and a great way to get the family working together creatively, and outside! No matter how big or small the sign, the sentiment is huge and meaningful! Join us in spreading kindness (not germs!)

The Okee Dokee Brothers- New Sing-along Songs!

If your family hasn’t already fallen in love with The Okee Dokee Brothers, let me personally introduce you! The Okee Dokee Brothers are my family’s favorite- the kind of ‘kids music’ that is actually satisfying for grown-ups!

They released a few new singles this month that strum on our current-state-of-events heart strings.

Encouragement Cards

We all need a little encouragement right now. (Keep it up! You can do this!) @goodinstorepages offers a timely free download ‘stay at home pack’ of inspirational coloring pages. They make great homemade encouragement cards!

Many Westwood homebound elders are in need of encouragement and a little outreach sunshine. If you are available to create cards and send them, please let me know! I’ll send you their contact information for mailing,

Coloring sheets are an accessible self-care meditation tool- I hope you are able to take a moment to catch your breath today. Kids can also be creative and make their own pictures to send. Thank you for helping us take care of each other!

Cheer on your Neighbors!

We all need encouragement- and it’s a heartwarming surprise to stumble on when you’re out on a walk.

Write on a trail, a sidewalk, at the end of your driveway facing the road, on the road, or on a neighbor’s driveway! Kids can draw awesome pictures!

Running out of chalk? Make DIY chalk paint with the leftover pieces. Put one color in a ziplock bag- give your kids something to mash it to dust with (yay!)- put the chalk dust in a container and mix in water until it’s pancake batter consistency. Paint brush power and boom!

Lay Down Your Burdens

Joshua Larson, our Messy Worship Music Director, shares many of his own compositions with us to sing at Messy Worship. His wife Karen and son, 6th grader, Jack make up the Messy Worship Band. We are so lucky to have them leading us!

Grab some tissues, your kids, and a few minutes to sing together as your home worship today. God is good, everyday! Every day, God is GOOD!

Lay Down Your Burdens, By Joshua Larson (sung by Joshua, Karen, & Jack Larson)

Lay Down Your Burdens, By Joshua Larson

Lay down your burdens for Jesus our savior. Lay them down, lay them down. Hope springs eternal for Jesus our savior. Lay them down, lay them down, lay them down

People get ready for Jesus our savior, lay them down, lay them down. A new beginning with Jesus our savior. Lay them down, lay them down, lay them down.

Lay down your burdens for Jesus our savior. Lay them down, lay them down, lay them down