At Home Worship: Jesus Feeds 5000

Get out a shareable snack and dig into the story about a big picnic Jesus hosted on the fly! As Jesus fed 5,000 people, he didn’t question that there was going to be enough. Instead, Jesus focused on making sure that every person that was there got what they needed.

This is a great story to bridge into an anti-racism equity conversation with your family. Check out this great equity resource to support your conversations:

At-Home Worship: Summer time Flat Jesus Fun!

Join us for our Flat Jesus summer challenge! All summer long, find times to take a picture with Flat Jesus and send them to Jen Mohr ( to share with our Westwood community.

“The Flat Jesus Project is simple: each kid gets their own paper cutout of Jesus to take with them on their summer adventures. You’ll encourage them to take photos of their Jesus as he walks with them—helping them keep Jesus at the forefront of their minds. As natural questions and discussions come up, you will have new conversations to help facilitate summer faith development.”

At-Home Worship: A Family Talk About Racism

Our kids are the leaders of a more equitable future! As we seek change, justice, and equity- it’s important to give our kids language and tools to recognize racism and empower them to be an ally or educator.

This lesson was used in The Message during Lent this year. Read the book together, work through the discussion questions, and connect as a family to your role as God’s hands and feet in a broken world.

For younger kids, check out Naomi O’Brien’s lesson plan and approach to talking about race to younger children. She uses the story ‘Chocolate ME!’ to encourage problem solving and racism awareness.

At-Home Family Worship: Pentecost!

Feel the Holy Spirit this Pentecost using pinwheels in prayer!

The holy spirit is described as a wind rushing. By breathing to spin the pinwheel, kids can see the movement of the holy spirit as you pray as a family.

At-Home Family Worship: Fruit of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit gives love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Galatians 5: 22-23

I don’t know about you, but at my house, we all could use an ‘extra helping’ of the fruit of the spirit towards ourselves and each other right now.

Grab a bowl of fruit! This week as a family, spend time boosting your ‘fruit of the spirit’ morale. Take turns pointing out ways each person shares these gifts during difficult times.