At Home Worship: Jesus Feeds 5000

Get out a shareable snack and dig into the story about a big picnic Jesus hosted on the fly! As Jesus fed 5,000 people, he didn’t question that there was going to be enough. Instead, Jesus focused on making sure that every person that was there got what they needed.

This is a great story to bridge into an anti-racism equity conversation with your family. Check out this great equity resource to support your conversations:

At-Home Worship: Summer time Flat Jesus Fun!

Join us for our Flat Jesus summer challenge! All summer long, find times to take a picture with Flat Jesus and send them to Jen Mohr ( to share with our Westwood community.

“The Flat Jesus Project is simple: each kid gets their own paper cutout of Jesus to take with them on their summer adventures. You’ll encourage them to take photos of their Jesus as he walks with them—helping them keep Jesus at the forefront of their minds. As natural questions and discussions come up, you will have new conversations to help facilitate summer faith development.”

Anti-Racism Parenting Resources

During this past Lent, we looked more closely at our own racial identity, how racism has shaped our lives, and developed anti-racism skills with the theme, ‘Who am I? Deepening our Conversation About Race’. 

Anti-racism work is never done.

This post includes the parent resources that were provided during Lent to support our work in raising race-conscious, anti-racist kids.

If you have additional resources to share with our community- please let me know!

Anti-Racism Parenting Resources:

At-Home Family Worship: Pentecost!

Feel the Holy Spirit this Pentecost using pinwheels in prayer!

The holy spirit is described as a wind rushing. By breathing to spin the pinwheel, kids can see the movement of the holy spirit as you pray as a family.

At-Home Family Worship: With God it’s Possible!

This science experiment worship has extra ‘kapow!’ as we talk about our up-close-and-personal-within-us God.

Get out your vinegar, baking soda, and various other science supplies to watch what is possible when we let God work through us!

Be Not Afraid
Father Abraham
This Little Light of Mine

The Okee Dokee Brothers- New Sing-along Songs!

If your family hasn’t already fallen in love with The Okee Dokee Brothers, let me personally introduce you! The Okee Dokee Brothers are my family’s favorite- the kind of ‘kids music’ that is actually satisfying for grown-ups!

They released a few new singles this month that strum on our current-state-of-events heart strings.

At-Home Family Worship: Community Service Connect-the-Dots

Being community may look different right now, but’s even more important than before to stay connected.

This week as you worship as a family, take some time to connect-the-dots on ways you can re-connect with people in your neighborhood and greater community.

At Home Family Worship- Earth Day Challenge!

Happy Earth Day (Week)!

As the weather warms up and snow is (hopefully) gone til winter- take some time as a family to talk about God’s beautiful creation and how we can care for it!

Join us for Westwood’s Earth Day Challenge! Try a few animal yoga poses! Explore the San Diego Zoo Earth Day activity site!

Life is Messy, God is in the Mess! Welcome to Worship!

All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir- Bill Staines
Westwood’s Earth Day Challenge