The Okee Dokee Brothers- New Sing-along Songs!

If your family hasn’t already fallen in love with The Okee Dokee Brothers, let me personally introduce you! The Okee Dokee Brothers are my family’s favorite- the kind of ‘kids music’ that is actually satisfying for grown-ups!

They released a few new singles this month that strum on our current-state-of-events heart strings.

Praise Song for the Pandemic

Some of you are parenting teens that are telling you all of what they’re thinking and feeling. And some of you get a grunt at best.

Some are giving you a play by play of their emotions but not all teenagers are open books, right? Its like a big guessing game to know what they’re thinking and feeling sometimes.

This video might be a great conversation starter with them. A four minute prayer/psalm.

PRAISE SONG FOR THE PANDEMIC – written and read by Christine Valters Paintner,
from Abbey of the Arts and music by Giants & Pilgrims.

Watch it together and ask these 3 questions:

How did you feel as you watched the video?
Was there anything you hadn’t thought of before or took notice of while you watched?
At the end, it says “a place to begin”, what new beginnings do you hope come out of this?

This is hard stuff to navigate, conversation makes it easier.

Blessed are the parents, doing it all.

Toddler God-Talk…Baptism!

If there’s one thing we know about toddlers, it’s that they make the schedule…and it changes every few minutes!

Toddler ‘Worship’ is found in brief, everyday moments when you can connect the dots from what they are busy doing to how God is there too.

Baptism is a great ‘connect the dots’ topic for toddlers…bring on the water!

In the tub during bath time, in an overflowing sink, in a wide bucket on the floor…let your toddler get their hands on water. Have any plastic people or a doll? Throw them in! Show your toddler how to mark the cross on the forehead of their doll, themselves, and you! As you mark the cross say, ‘You are a child of God‘.

I Was Baptized, Happy Day! is a baptism song that we love to sing with toddlers and preschoolers at Westwood.

I Was Baptized, Happy Day!

I was baptized, happy day! God is in my heart to stay. God is with me, night and day! I was baptized, happy day!

All done with water? When your child was baptized, they received a candle and a blessing. Light a candle together or give your child an LED candle to hold (teach them how to turn it on and off- toddler power!). Sing This Little Light of Mine!

“let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to God in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

Lay Down Your Burdens

Joshua Larson, our Messy Worship Music Director, shares many of his own compositions with us to sing at Messy Worship. His wife Karen and son, 6th grader, Jack make up the Messy Worship Band. We are so lucky to have them leading us!

Grab some tissues, your kids, and a few minutes to sing together as your home worship today. God is good, everyday! Every day, God is GOOD!

Lay Down Your Burdens, By Joshua Larson (sung by Joshua, Karen, & Jack Larson)

Lay Down Your Burdens, By Joshua Larson

Lay down your burdens for Jesus our savior. Lay them down, lay them down. Hope springs eternal for Jesus our savior. Lay them down, lay them down, lay them down

People get ready for Jesus our savior, lay them down, lay them down. A new beginning with Jesus our savior. Lay them down, lay them down, lay them down.

Lay down your burdens for Jesus our savior. Lay them down, lay them down, lay them down

Let's Go(d) Fly a Kite!

Hold onto your [winter] hats folks, it’s a windy day!

Something about the wind swirling around my face helps me visualize God everywhere, being breathed in, creating motion and direction, and surrounding me. And if I’m the ‘kite’- I soar, I crash, I try again and again and again, and the wind [God] is always there for me.

Looking for a DIY kid project for today? Homemade kites!