Session 1: At The Table

To see and welcome is how we accept one another. When we gather together at the table, we accept each other in the same way God accepts us. Children will practice recognizing and sharing in the feelings of others as well as connecting with their own bodies/emotions. Through the parable of the father and the two brothers in Luke 15:11-32, children will witness how compassion empowers us to release any anger and judgment we may hold toward others, ourselves, and the world for not being what we wanted or needed. Children will learn how compassion inspires seeing, forgiveness, and welcoming.

Session 1- Compassion Helps us See and Welcome

This document is the entire session 1 curriculum! There’s a ton of content- so print, pick and choose what fits your family best, and make the session yours!

Need extra copies of the individual activities? Use the separated print outs provided.

Session Song- Come to the Table

Come to the Table

Come to the table (x3) and celebrate with us!

You may want to continue on with these other verses, or feel free to make up some of your own:

We are all welcome… Let’s have a party… You are my sibling… We are a family…

Print-Out Activities Separately!

Looking for individual copies of the activities? These pdfs make printing out specific activity pages from the session for your kid(s) easy-peasy.

Prodigal Son Storytelling from Westwood 2019

Session 1 Yoga

Connecting with Younger Compassion Campers

Preschool Perspective: Empathy with Sesame Street

Additional Art Projects & Activities

Compassion Camp Songs

Digging Deeper: For Older Elementary & Youth

Compassion is a word younger children are just now learning but you’ve known this word for a long time. Now let’s spend a day taking your knowledge of compassion a step further. Listen to “The Cultivating Compassion Podcast” (4 episodes) and ask yourself these questions:
Why is this called “Cultivating Compassion?”
What is RLCF doing in Louisiana that’s unique?
How could this be mimicked in your own community?