Session 2: To the Neighbor

To be brave is letting God help us see and reach out to our neighbor. When we reach out to our neighbor, we experience the miracle of God’s power to restore and make our community whole. Through the gospel story of friends bringing their friend on a mat to Jesus, the children will witness how compassion often requires risk. Children will learn the ways compassion calls for focus – we keep our eyes on Jesus, even as others might misunderstand or judge our actions.

Session 2- Compassion Helps us Be Brave

This document is the entire session 2 curriculum! There’s a ton of content- so print, pick and choose what fits your family best, and make the session yours!

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Session 2 Song- Brave Enough

Brave Enough

We are brave enough to love. We are brave enough to show compassion

We are brave enough to listen and tell the truth. (2x)

We can be brave (2x)

Because we are filled with love from the bottom of God’s heart

Print-Out Activities Separately!

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Session 2 Yoga

Connecting with Younger Compassion Campers

Preschool Perspective: It’s Okay to be Different, By Todd Parr

Additional Art Projects and Activities

Compassion Camp Songs

Digging Deeper: For Older Elementary & Youth

-Listen to this podcast of OnBeing and ponder the question
“Can anyone use the word we?” Reflect on what it means to be a part of “we” and “us.”
-Watch the music video “What If” by India.Arie. {Note: Some bad language- the f-word is on a sign}
Imagine what if the people she names hadn’t taken their brave actions?
How did their com-passionate bravery make change happen?
If there are people in the song you are not familiar with, take some time to learn their story and the impact of their leadership. Reflect on the words “we” and “us” India.Arie uses in her song with what you learned from the OnBeing podcast.
What kind of bravery and compassion can you show in becoming a “we” and an “us”?