Session 3: For Myself

It means showing gentleness and kindness to ourselves in heart, soul, mind, and strength. When we pay attention to and honor our own selves, we experience how God sees and loves us. Through Jesus’ teaching of an ancient Hebrew commandment, the children will experience self-love as an essential form of compassion. Children will practice affirming themselves through word and body, seeing how doing so connects them to God’s Spirit within.

Session 3- Compassion Helps Us Love Ourselves

This document is the entire session 3 curriculum! There’s a ton of content- so print, pick and choose what fits your family best, and make the session yours!

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Session 3 Song- I Have Love to Share

I Have Love to Share

I have love to share with the whole wide world. And I start with loving myself.

When I take good care of my heart and soul, I have love for everyone else.

I love me so I can love you. God loves me so I can love you

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Session 3 Yoga

Connecting with Younger Compassion Campers

Preschool Perspective: I Like Myself, By Karen Beaumont

Additional Art Projects and Activities

Compassion Camp Songs

Digging Deeper: For Older Elementary & Youth

Today is all about having compassion for yourself! This might be a very hard concept for many of us to grasp.
Start off by watching the Ted Talk “Dare to rewire your brain for self-compassion” by Weiyang Xie
Try the activity Dr. Xie suggests—keep a journal for just one day and write down all the negative thoughts you have about yourself. Then begin to ask yourself – am I sure these things are true? Am I saying them out of habit? How could I change each thought from a negative to a positive?
Download the App “Insight Timer” (it’s FREE!) and try one of their (FREE) guided meditations.
Check out these websites for more guided meditation and fun: | |