Session 4: Along the Way

When we follow God’s Spirit – which is always on the move – and are open to the people we encounter along the way, they can experience God’s Spirit through our care. Through the testimony of Ruth, Orpah, and Naomi, children will witness how compassion involves deep trust, an open mind, and a soft heart. Children will learn that being present with each other asks us to let go of our expectations, be flexible, and trust the Spirit, as we seek to lead compassionate lives.

Session 4- Compassion Helps us Be Present with Each Other

This document is the entire session 4 curriculum! There’s a ton of content- so print, pick and choose what fits your family best, and make the session yours!

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Session 4 Song- Face to Face

Face to Face

Face to face or far away, God is present among us. Listen to the Spirit (your neighbor/family/community) say

I am here with you (2x)

As close as your breath, your beating heart I am here with you. As far as you go, no matter the time I am here with you.

Print-Out Activities Separately!

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Connecting with Younger Compassion Campers

Preschool Perspective: The Peace Book, By Todd Parr

Additional Art Projects and Activities

Compassion Camp Songs

Digging Deeper: For Older Elementary & Youth

Today is about finding ways to fill the world and ourselves with hope. During this difficult time of social distancing as well as social justice upheaval in our country we are all looking for ways to see hope in the world. Today you are challenged to help provide a little hope, because we are all in this journey together.
Check out the website: and follow the instructions to hearing a message or two of hope.
Once you’ve listened to one or two messages, take a few minutes to write your own message of hope. Now it’s time to share it! Make a poster to put in the window of your house facing the street. Or go outside and draw your message in sidewalk chalk to share with the world.