Session 5: With the World

By creating fresh starts, we work with God to care for all and participate in the holy work of renewal so all may joyfully gather at the table together, receiving God’s abundance. Through hearing God’s instruction in Leviticus 25, the children will learn the meaning and history of “Jubilee.” Children will see how rest/sabbath, fresh starts, and taking care of one another are all important forms of compassion and justice.

Session 5- Compassion Gives Us a Fresh Start

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Session 5 Song- Compassion Prayer

Compassion Prayer

May we be filled with compassion. May we be filled up to the top of our hearts.

When we have the power to make something right. May we show God’s love.

May we be shown compassion. May we be found in the center of peace.

When we have needs that others can meet. May we find God’s love.

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Connecting with Younger Compassion Campers

Preschool Perspective: The Marvelous Mustard Seed

Additional Art Projects and Activities

Compassion Camp Songs

Digging Deeper: For Older Elementary & Youth

Today we are attempting to grow seeds of change and newness in the world around us. We want to take what we’ve learned this week out into the world and watch our compassion grow.
Start today by watching one (or both) of the following documentaries (both on YouTube for free):
“Billions in Change”
“The Story of Bottled Water”
Both of these documentaries are about WATER and how we are facing a global crisis of water.
How do you feel differently about water after watching these? What do you think are small steps you can take to solving the problem?
It’s time to take action!
Check out to see how you can participate in World Water Day 2021 and ways in which you can help!